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The Alchemy Theatre's Community Impact Soars, Propelled by the Inspirational Fall Production "Pipeline"

Published on February 17, 2024

 In a resounding demonstration of its commitment to fostering crucial dialogues and being involved with the community, The Alchemy Theatre is leaving an indelible mark with its Fall production, “Pipeline.” The theatre’s efforts recently culminated in a remarkable evening that united community members, mentors, organizations, educators, and parents over a shared table of delicious food and insightful conversations. 

On the evening of September 19th, The Alchemy Theatre, in collaboration with the Austin Public Library, orchestrated an event that effortlessly blended important and relevant discussions, captivating entertainment, and profound insights from a panel of experts. The audience was left chillingly moved as the talented teenage vocalists, Telci Huynh, Soleil Patterson, and Ellie Kim, graced the stage with a soulful rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up.” A sentiment aptly captured by April Patterson, Community Outreach Chair for The Alchemy Theatre, who noted, “This embodies the essence of mentorship and nurturing.” Carol Hickey concurred, sharing how the girls’ performance sent chills down her spine, serving as a poignant reminder of the boundless beauty that can flourish within our youth when a supportive community rallies behind them. 

The evening further unfolded with a sumptuous dinner curated by the accomplished Chef Mike Lenz (www.chefmikelenz.com), followed by an insightful panel discussion featuring experts in their respective fields. The esteemed panelists included Dr. Amanda Banks from (Chief Equity Officer at Integral Care), Ardella Patterson (Founder of Gideon Foundation), Dan Leal (CEO of Seedling), Billie LoGiudice (External Relations and STEM Advisor for Temple College), and the Annelese Jones (Senior Director of Social Justice and Human Development of Creative Action). These panelists delved into strategies to empower our youth and divert them from the trajectory leading to systemic challenges. 

Keynote speaker Tyler Campbell (www.iamtylercampbell.com), moved hearts to tears with his account of resilience in the face of a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Tyler’s moving words underscored how the unwavering support of his community ignited his determination to persevere, even in the pursuit of his athletic aspirations. 

While The Alchemy Theatre has undeniably carved its niche with transformative and authentic storytelling on stage, its influence reaches far beyond the theater’s walls. This week, a generous donation of 300 books to educators and schools signifies the theatre’s proactive commitment to combatting the systemic challenges our youth may face. 

For those eager to learn more about The Alchemy Theatre and its impactful initiatives, please visit www.thealchemytheatre.org. Explore how you can join hands with this organization in their tireless quest for community outreach and transformation. 

Event Recap: The Alchemy Theatre's First Community Engagement Event

Published on July 29, 2022

The Alchemy Theatre hosted its first community engagement event on Saturday, July 23, 2022, at the Rudy Mendez Recreational Center at 2407 Canterbury Street in Austin.

Approximately 36 children ages 5 – 12 participated in a half-day workshop full of imagination games, improv, and voice and movement activities designed to fully engage each child and stimulate their imaginations and creativity. After the workshop, the children played in the rec center’s splash pad to end their action-packed day of fun and games.

The event was coordinated by Alchemy Theatre board member April Patterson.  Other volunteers who contributed their time to make the day special for the children in attendance were Jenny Frame, Andre Patterson, Soleil Patterson, Xavier Patterson, Jaxon Gilbert, Katt Sawyer, Ardella Patterson,  and Terrance Baugh.

A special thank you goes to the sponsors who helped make this event possible. Alise Aaron Entertainment provided goodie bags that were filled with school supplies for each child to take home, along with t-shirts for the volunteers.  The school supplies were provided by 100 Black Men of Austin, Inc.

The kids were well-fed thanks to Clayton and Carly Christopher who provided healthy snacks, Madison Laird who provided Poppi sodas, and Julie Jumonville who provided lunch.